And why do I need one?

You don't.

But when someone messages you about something you have on offer, you tell them about it, they want it, you send them the payment link, they pay, and then you give them the thing you want, then you follow up to see how they're going, do they want something more, did the thing they buy help them...

This is a sales funnel.

The only difference is, you have never called it that. And I know why.

The term Sales Funnel sounds ick. Especially if you are coming from your spiritual, highly enlightened and high vibe version of self. Aligning the words 'sales funnel' with magical energetic codes, makes zero sense to you.

I know this, because this was me. My belief structure has been knee deep in aligning everything horrific, gross, slimy and underhanded into anything related to sales. If you asked me where this all came from, I could rattle off a list longer than a what Santa receives at Christmas, but the thing is...does it matter?

I have muddied my way through the healing path, I have worn the opinion of others only to get to the place of FINALLY realising that actually, nothing matters. And... everything matters.

Wait, I thought we were talking about sales funnels...

That's exactly the point. Where are you focussing your attention right now?

Is it on what you want, or is it on what you don't want?

You created something that you know can help others. I see this as an expression of who you are, made up by your very own unique and powerful codes.

These codes burst through you like a flash of lightening or they can simmer beneath the surface, just wanting to be created, seen and expressed in your 3D reality. This is the art of codes becoming matter.

And if it is just YOUR codes that are becoming matter, then should they not matter the most?

(See what I did there?)

So now, you know that you want to share your thing with as many people as possible. If you are reading this then you already know that you are in the right place because your intuition is always guiding you in the right direction.

You also now see, that you have the power and the ability to lose any attachments to the word sales or any beliefs around structured processes, because you know you have so much more than that to offer.

AND you realise that you have actually already been creating funnels all along, you were just doing them in a way that was a little more time consuming (and not using that term, cos ewww!)

NOW you are ready to see what The Funnel can do for you.

Yes, that's what I am calling this.

The Funnel.

Read on to see what it is all about.

The Funnel

I'll be honest - creating a sales funnel takes time. It takes some know how, some learning, and a whole lot of set up. Not impossible, but also not for everyone. But it is one of those things where once you set up the foundation for it, you can build, change, ammend and grow from it.

Yes, you can pay someone to create one and Yes, you can create one yourself.

But which one is right for you? Like with anything, this always comes down to TIME and MONEY.

Only you can ever decide what is the most important to you, but in the meantime have a little stew over this. And if you know me, you know I like to create offers that have options.

(And a lot of value!)

Let's begin...

To create a funnel there a few basics we need first :

- Something/s to offer

- Direction of travel

- Structure to hold it all

Something/s to offer

This is all you.

You already have what you want to offer ready to go. This is your product, your service, your offers, your course, your workshops.... the list is endless.

And yes you can have more than one thing to offer and yes you can use them all in one funnel. (Or if you have a half finished something, let me know and let's get it finished!)

Direction of travel

What journey are we sending someone on?

Do we want them to jump into something and be a one and done, do we want to share with them a whole array of things we can do together?

Maybe you have multiple services, offers or products that you could offer your new friends?

This is where you curate your very own personalised experience for these new people in your world.

Structure to hold it

You will need a platform to hold and run this journey for you. Yes, you need a place to run and hold this funnel. I've used a few and this is by far, the easiest and the best one that you can use right now for nothing. Yep, even if you do not jump into this offer, you can access this system right now. You can start creating your own funnel, just watch the training videos and utilise the help. There is literally nothing stopping you.

*This button will take you to systeme.io using my affiliate link.

Don't worry you can access this marketing tool for FREE

What's inside The Funnel?

  • A brand new online marketing platform. That's right, we will set you up with systeme.io which you can access and use straight away with no payment required (payment plans for additional services can be purchased - but not needed)
  • Training on the new online marketing platform. I will show you how to navigate your new platform and show you everything you need to get started.
  • Online Course on how to create your very own funnel. We won't be using all the big and fancy marketing terms, but simple, straight forward training to help you make decisions to create the journey for your next new client.
  • Comprehensive workbook on creating your funnel. This accompanies the course so that you can map out the steps for your sales funnel.
  • Creation of your brand new sales funnel. SURPRISE! I bet you thought that you would need to create it yourself with all that new training. But no, I will create your very first sales funnel for you to use, keep and duplicate as many times as you need.

I should have started with that last part...

  • I am creating your sales funnel for you.
  • Yep, I will create that new journey for you. From start to finish. With all the steps included, whether you are offering freebies, courses, 1 on 1 - the whole kit and kaboodle.
  • You will get the new marketing platform, you will learn how to use it. Then you will get to understand the process of the sales funnel so that you can decide what you journey you would like to create for your potential new clients.
  • We map it all out and then I will use your information, graphics and everything else that you give me to create this magical funnel.
  • And you get to reuse, change, duplicate or even sell the funnel once done.
  • Do not worry if you think that this still sounds way out of your realm. It really isn't. Remember, way back at the top of this 'sales funnel' that I spoke of your codes and turning them to matter. Yeah that. Tap back into the reason you want to offer what you are offering in the first place. That is more than enough reason for you to power through any misconceptions that you have...

Let me break all of that down for you....

This is the marketing platform that I use for sales funnels. I will give you all the details to set up on this new platform. It is a web based program based and super simple to use. And yes I am an affiliate, but I have used many other systems and none come close to this one. Especially at the bargain price of FREE. I talk more about it in the video below.

Don't worry, I'm not going to give you a new platform with no training. And yes you have access to help within the platform itself, but it would not be me if I didn't put my two cents worth in it. So you will receive the training you need to get started and get you off and running.

Plus a support group for any questions you may have.

How are you going to know what you want your sales funnel to do, if you are not really sure what it is suppose to be doing?

I will share with you in simple terms, all the aspects of the sales funnel, so that you can decide which steps you would like in yours. Remember, it's all about the journey.

AND this is totally backed up with a workbook, obvs.

Bonuses included!

What would an offer be without some extras....

I am adding in two different tools that I currently use for my business. These are used in conjunction with everything that I offer so that I maximise my time efficiently. These are not directly related to the sales funnel, but are part of the whole picture.

(And yes, these are also affiliate links which means, I use these tools so I kind know what I'm talking about!)

Social Media Scheduling Tool

I will give you the training you need to set yourself up on Metricool to schedule your social media. This is a great tool when you don't have time to post in multiple places every day.

This tool is free to use immediately but you can pay to upgrade depending on your needs.

AI Tool For Video Creators

Yes, more training and another tool. This one is for all my video creators out there. This AI tool will help you with creating, editing and many other time consuming tasks that you may already be using.

This AI tool does require a subscription, but you can access for 14 days for free.

You're sold, what payment method works for you?



* 2 Payments Of $600

You can lock your spot in right now

This offer does not start until 12 Feb 2024, so you can secure your position right now. Balance is not due until 30 days after first payment received.

Pay US $600 today and the balance US $600 in 30 days.



* one payment

Best Value (It's the cheapest price)

Pay in full right now and secure your position in The Funnel. US $1,111 is the discounted best price available.

Pricing may increase closer to the commencement date of 12 Feb 2024.



* 3 Payments Over 3 Months

3 Payments Over 3 Months

Pay US $500 now, US $500 in Feb and US $500 in Mar. Yes you pay a little more for the plan, but you are securing your position in this epic space.

I'm not sold, I have questions...

Tell me more about systeme.io

This is the online platform that we will be using to set up your sales funnel. You will not need to pay anything to have this sales funnel operational on the platform once it has been set up. You have the option to purchase an upgraded plan if you should to run additional sales funnels. But it is not needed. If you want to see more about this platform and how it works, you can start using it right away. Or contact me directly for any specific questions you have.

Just click this link https://systeme.io/?sa=sa01579863162c56983a9529deb96f076b41ba72f9

What exactly will you create for me?

An operational sales funnel that you can direct your audience to from anywhere. This sales funnel will be designed based on what you want it to do and how you want it to look. This will be set up on a new, free platform and you will receive training in how to use it.

Training on sales funnels and workbook will also be supplied so that you can understand it more and create a flow that you want. You will also receive training to Metricool (a content scheduling program) and Pictory.AI for video editing assistance. These additional programs are optional and not needed to set up the sales funnel.

What is included in this price?

The links to systeme.io, Metricool and Pictory are free and accessible to anyone at any time. (In fact you can grab these right now, below.) I am giving you my understanding and knowledge of these systems through my training videos, as well as my skill in creating your desired sales funnel for you.

This is not an off the shelf copy and paste sales funnel. This is uniquely created individually for each client. This alone can be quite costly for many, but I wanted this to be accessible to anyone who needs it. The bonus for you is that once you have this funnel, you can copy it, ammend it, change and it continually utilise it for any future offers that you want to create. And with the training and understanding of it all, you will be know it all in no time.

I don't even know you, why should I work with you?

This is the most important question, because if you don't align with who I am, I am not the person who is going to be able to serve you best. There are two ways that you can want to work with me, either you've seen me around or the things I've created, listened to some of the things I say and believe in some of the same things and over time I have built trust with you. Or you saw one video, one post, went down the rabbithole and just knew that this was the next right move, without actually even knowing how.

You will never see me using any sneaky sales techniques to make you buy, yes I have offers, yes they are sometimes limited. I am only ever wanting to share with you what I think is needed in the moment, what I have learnt so that you can too, and to share my expertise in whatever the offering is.

If you are still in the realm of only looking at numbers as proof of someone's capability then we are not the right fit. I am all about energetics, authenticity and sharing the truth of who we are. I market ahead of the game and think so far out of the box that they haven't even manufactured the cardboard yet. I am not for everyone, but neither are you and that's the key to it all. Once you have comfort in that, expression is so much easier.

How do I know if this will work?

After you have watched the training on sales funnels and understood more about the process, you will create a flow that will work for you. That may sound overwhelming, but I am hoping we can make it super simple. The workbook will help you 'create your own adventure' so that I know what you want in your sales funnel. For example, say you have a course that you want people to buy, we want to create a sales funnel that gives the person enough information to know if this course is for them.

Your audience will be unique to you, what you have to offer and how you share yourself to others. They engage with you because of the way that they show up. So the sales page will need to reflect what that looks like for you. Are you someone who like to create short videos, do you like writing long posts, do you like facts and outcomes. Whatever it is, this is what should be on your sales funnel. You will share who you are and what you have to offer in you very own unique way.

This combined with the course that you are offering, how you created it, why it will help someone, what you know it will do for anyone who takes it...will all give the prospective client the information they need to make that decision.

Remember that if someone is wanting to look at your sales page, there is something about you that they are already connecting with. And that is always related to the authenticity of who you are. If that is reflected in your sales page, there is nothing more you need to do.

How long is this process?

This officially starts on 12th February 2024, from that date this will become a rolling offer. Which means that when you purchase, you will receive access to all material immediately and you will be contacted to organise the creation of your personal sales funnel.

Once this offer has been purchased, I would like to think that this whole process is wrapped up in 6 weeks. However, there is no strict time limit and I would like to see nothing incomplete after 3 months. If I have all the information needed to create your sales funnel, I see no reason why the turn around could not be within 1-2 weeks depending on complexity and work load. This can be discussed prior to purchase if required or if you have specific date requests.

What is your refund policy?

As this work is unique and personally curated, no refunds are offered. However, if at any time you feel that you have not received what was promised, I urge you to reach out and let me know your concerns, so that they can be addressed quickly and with ease. I only want to see you succeed.

There are other ways you can work with me (even free ones!)


| Free Creator Portal |

Access the free creator training on my YouTube Channel currently over 120 videos.

Or join the free Facebook Group to get the creator support you need right now with other like minded creators.

Hellcat Foundry

| Monthly Membership |

A paid monthly membership where you get 1 on 1 support for what you are working on right now.

Weekly general trainings and personalised monthly schedules to help you create the thing that you want to create right now.

Money Surge

| 21 Day Protocol |

Want to unlock more abundance into your life? Start with looking at what you really what, open yourself up to new ideas and then lock it in with some simple and new tools.

Buy the book now or watch the free course on YouTube


*Too long, didn't read...here's a quick look summary

Marketing Platform | systeme.io

Download and set up this marketing platform with full training. Access and utilise for free.


Personal Sales Funnel Creation

I will set up your personalised sales funnel for systeme.io based on your desired outcome. You can keep, modify and ammend where needed.


Sales Funnel Training Course

I will give you everything you need to know about creating a sales funnel, so you can decide exactly what you want in your own.


Scheduling And AI Tool Training

Training and support in Metricool content scheduling platform.

Training and support in Pictory AI editing tool.


But wait, there's more...

(how could this be a sales page without even more?)

If you are worried about all these new things that I talking about or thinking that this all sounds like a lot of work or something that you will not have time for, or will not understand or any one of those other judgements that are blocking you from this, then I am creating a supportive community for you as well.

This is where you will be able to ask the questions you need for as long as you want to be in there. There will be no ongoing or additional charges and you can stay in there for as long as you like.

And the last thing that I am offering is an affiliate option for this offer. I will give you 20% of the sales price of this offer to anyone who purchases from your link.

I currently have the pricing set up as PIF $1111, which means if you referred someone, you would receive $222.20 (USD)

(If interested, I can also share with you how to become an affiliate for these platforms yourself and others.)

You already know if this is for you.

Watch the video below to find out more about the creation of The Funnel or scroll on past to the bottom of this page to purchase now.

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6 Graphics in total, $111



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